Why Building Your Audience Through YouTube Subscribers Is Crucial!

You might have been looking at the other successful YouTube channels and comparing it with your own. And it’s hard not to wonder how they manage to do it. Well, before going after everything else, you should focus on building your audience. In other words, you need to attract subscribers.

Why more subscribers mean more views?

Your subscribers will get notified if you have published a new video to your channel. They will always get updates about your latest videos. The subscribers could be equal to your fans. They are the ones who will watch, comment, share, and interact with you as soon as your new video comes out. They can also be the reason why your videos could go viral.

On the other hand, if you have YouTube channel with big number of subscribers your new videos will have better chance appearing in YouTube search results. The more users trust you, meaning more subscribers, the YouTube will trust you also for providing quality and trending content.

As you can see from this graph, the courtesy of SocialPromoter, the number of views is still the #1 YouTube ranking factor, while subscribers and likes share the second place.

That’s why building a strong subscriber base is an essential thing when it comes to establishing your channel authority and YouTube success.

Your loyal subscribers will help you in your marketing efforts

YouTube is a community. When you upload your videos, the fuel for it’s promotion often comes from your followers. They will ignite the sharing of your content, the sales, leave comments, reactions to whatever you are trying to promote.

You’ll notice how users will often post comments promoting their own stuff on your channel. It will be related to your channel and video topic. A great way to get free traffic and views due fact people interested in certain subject will often be tempted to investigate it further.

Engage your audience

You will need to interact with your audience so that they are not subscribing to a “dead” channel. Take a few moments to read the comments and reply to them.

YouTube offers some great video tips on how to build and connect with your community. You are able to interact with your audience with new Community posts and express yourself with stories.

Good way to increase your subscribers numbers significantly is by asking your viewers do it! If you have seen some videos from the popular content creators, they mostly ask their viewers to subscribe to their channel in the early minute of the video. The call-to-action is eligible anywhere in your video.

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